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The purpose of the “Say Their Name” campaign is to cover the streets of NYC and major cities with the names of the victims of police brutality. Each of these stickers are designed by a POC artist and the funds from the kickstarter will go directly to the production of these stickers and the talent of these artists.

With the recent shootings of Philando Castile and Alton Sterling, two more names were added onto the inexhaustible list of black bodies that have fallen because of racial profiling and injustice. The few days afterwards all I could feel was shock and helplessness. Everyday more and more of my friends shared posts on social media fueled with negative energy, finger pointing, and arguments on message boards that furthered the divisiveness already present.

However, I kept seeing the hashtag for #SayTheirName over and over on the internet, a movement to focus on the victims rather than the hate, I realized how I could take this conversation away from the digital realm. The physical manifestation of a name, especially when one least expects it, separate from the headlines, the comments or the images forced upon by the media, allows one to think of the person behind the name.

The purpose of this project is for the public to see the names, say the names and know the names of the real, actual people who were harmed in senseless acts of violence.

I reached out to 13 POC artists and designers, who I highly respect and admire, to inject their voices and styles into the rendering of each name. With this, it focuses on the humanity and respect that each name deserves.